Friday, July 2, 2010

An Intro to Business Value Engineering

On June 30th, while I was in Montreal giving a CSM Course, I also joined the Scrum User Group and gave a new, somewhat different, presentation on BV Engineering. They seemed to like it more, so maybe I am making the points in a somewhat more practical, concrete way.

Here is the link to the PDF:

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Olivier said...

Thank you again for your call to thoughts about how to engineer Value. We tend to take the definition of Value in Scrum for granted. But I observe we (Scrum Practioners) often take a simplified definition that does not include KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION! I'll write more on this on my blog soon. In the meantime, the Montreal Scrum User Group's website is

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BTW and talking about managers (your more recent subject), "Kittyhawk" is the name of HP's innovative 1.3 inch drive. It was a failure because management failed to adapt to the unfolding reality: they had created a marketing plan at a time they knew nothing about the market, and insisted on sticking to it. (Source: The Innovator's Dilemma)