Friday, December 11, 2009

Scrum Success Story

We hear a lot about all the problems of life. People are bad. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. (Help me W.B. Yeats, you're my only hope.)

Today I would like to share an unsolicited note. Jeff Sutherland and I are doing a CSM class next week (Dec 15-16) in NYC. In connection with that, Jeff is speaking at Google and at NYCSPIN.

In connection with the talks, Gabe Yarra at Wireless Generation started am email conversation with me. Excerpts follow.

Thanks Joe,

Yes, I think we had 6 people train [with Jeff Sutherland and me, a while back], and there are 100+ developers who are very happy about it. We have been completely successful in our scrum adoption. Devs are happy with it, PMs are happy, management is happy. It took awhile for everyone to get it, but we're now completely on board as a company. It saves us a ton of headache in terms of scheduling and managing projects. We still have problems, but a whole class of problems disappeared and there is much less stress around certain areas.
Moving to agile was a somewhat bumpy ride that took about 6 months. There was a certain amount of skepticism, or just feeling that certain things wouldn't work, until they did work. It helped a lot that we had management and development committed before we started. Again, the whole company is very happy with the results.

By the way, my company is continuously growing and expanding, so if you know of any top-notch developers who want to work at an agile company with a great company culture, feel free to send them my way.

More detail to come, I hope, about how the Scrum adoption went. And is expected to go.

Wireless Generation does good work, IMO. See

What's not to like?

Change is tough. We sympathize, to a point. Stick with it. Go after it.
No one said the good stuff was for free.

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