Monday, December 23, 2013

Courses Coming Up

We have several courses coming up.Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) course – This is the basic course, which we recommend for everyone and for teams. We are now almost always including a 1-Day workshop (on Agile Release Planning). Strongly recommended. And, occasionally, a 2-Day workshop.Places: New York, Toronto, Nashville, Montreal, Charlotte, Durham, Charleston, etc.
Intermediate Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course – In this course we want people who are experienced with Scrum — either notable experience or a CSM plus some experience. And it deals with more advanced topics. And we also include a workshop (on Agile Release Planning).

Places: Charlotte, etc.

Scrum 201 – This is an intermediate course for any team member or manager. We must have a CSM and some good experience with Scrum. With a workshop.  (With the workshop, it gives you 22 SEUs toward the CSP certification.)  The purpose is to help you move to the next level. And to try to answer (or help you answer) all the detailed questions that come up when you implement Scrum.

Places: Atlanta.

For more details (dates, etc.) see:

We like to do in-house courses, and we could do any of these courses at your firm.
And we have other courses in the works.

Some of these courses are co-taught with my colleague, David Muldoon. He brings a different viewpoint and a wealth of experience leading an agile transition at a large corporation.

And don’t be shy about asking me or Cassandra Wagner ( questions.

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