Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CSP… in demand…

We have a problem in Scrum.

First, we do well to call it more an opportunity than a problem.  We have a lot more opportunity sitting on the table that we have not grabbed yet.  Scrum, in general, can help us get a LOT more improvement than we have gotten. Yet

There are many root causes behind this problem (opportunity).

And many possible solutions also.

But I think the biggest solution is more education (more coaching is maybe next).

By more education, I mean of the whole man, or the whole team.  Not just explicit knowledge, but tacit knowledge.  Not just of rational things but also of more squishy things (that’s the technical terms for them – smile).

Which leads me to discussing the new SEU path to the CSP.  SEU means Scrum Educational Units. CSP means Certified Scrum Professional.

So, I am a big advocate of a well-rounded education.  Scrum education is what we are talking right now.

The SEU path to the CSP allows you to choose the ‘education’ that fits your specific needs. And it requires that you show significant related experience that at least indicates you have attained, both via education and action, a ‘professional’ level in Scrum.

Our specific contribution (more to come) is a Scrum 201 course.  This 2-day course plus the 1 day workshop gives you 22 SEUs towards the CSP certification.  But, more importantly, I think the Scrum 201 gives you essential information that will take your Scrum to the next level.

Next: I just received today a request from a headhunter for a CSP person in Charlotte.  A scrum-agile coach, and they want the person to be ‘good’, so they are asking for that person to gave a CSP.  Umm.  Start of a trend, I think.

What is really important?  Well, results.  Real results for real people.  What is next most important?  The ability to regularly achieve results.  (And, down the list, …does the person have a meaningful certification — and in the process of getting it, might have improved his abilities.)

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