Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Team is primary

There has been a lot of discussion in the community lately about scaling.  With specific discussion of the SAFe and LeSS frameworks.

We don't have a strong opinion on many of the issues. We do think that each scaling situation is different.  We do think the music (the values and principles inside the players) is at least as important as the dance steps (the specific practices and artifacts).

One thing we do feel strongly about: the Team is primary.

Meaning, for example: It is easy for managers to think they are important. It is easy for the General to think that he alone wins the war.  But in fact, it is the soldiers who win the war. And the General's plan is always ... well, a nice piece of fiction, or a nice fantasy.

It is the innovators in the Team who do the real innovation.

Now, there can be a few key guys.  Maybe Steve Jobs was such a guy to Apple. But for most of us, the real innovation happens inside the Team.

Always keep the Team primary.

Never get so involved in SAFe or un-SAFe, LeSS or MORe so much, that divert attention too much away from the Teams.

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