Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leading Fearless Change

What is the hardest thing about Scrum?  (Maybe in life.)
Probably, it is that we must lead change.
Getting people to change is difficult. And in Scrum, for example, we are always trying to change people. Always continuous change. Always removing impediments.
But first, we have to change them to agree to a fully dedicated real Team. Then to fewer disruptions and only one product (product release). Then to doing all of Scrum. Then to really understanding self-organization.  And on and on.
And then we start with the real hard impediments. Technical impediments. People issues. Managerial issues. Organizational issues.
Here are some resources to start with:
Leading Fearless Change by Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising. A good article by them. 3 pages.
This leading change course. With Mary Lynn Manns. In Charlotte in April.
By the way, this course will be about change. Any change. Not just change using Scrum or Agile. Any change.

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