Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Toronto – Impediment List

Here is what the Toronto course identified as impediments.  Not in any order (although understood that it must be ordered).
  1. Overlooking risks
  2. Big scope
  3. Team competence
  4. Too many defects
  5. Team changes
  6. Processes not clear
  7. Product owner involvement
  8. Under estimated
  9. Requirements not clear
  10. Requirement change not being communicated
  11. Not what client expected
  12. Finance
  13. Resource (probably mot the right people or not enough people)
  14. Schedule (too tight)
  15. Poor communication plan
  16. Stakeholder (poor, missing, etc.)
  17. Knowledge (lack of)
  18. Training (lack of)
  19. QA (test)
  20. Lack of focus
  21. Buy-in
  22. Scope creep
  23. Bad Req
  24. Too many opinions
Some of these should say ‘(lack of)’.
We recommend a public impediment list. Of course, the list itself is not the point.  But rather AGGRESSIVELY attacking the impediments and fixing all the impediments is.
We like to have one list for ALL the improvements we need to be made (for the Team). From people issues to Blockers, to tech issues and changing culture.

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