Friday, October 17, 2014

9 Key statements about estimating

I won't explain them now, but here's the summary...   
  1. Estimations can be mis-used by some managers (and have been).  Watch out!

  3. Customers want some kind of estimate. (Ask for their details about what kind of estimate they want.)

  5. There is a trade-off between the time it takes to estimate and relative accuracy.  Keep it shorter (usually) (of course, that depends on how short you were thinking...).

  7. Always re-estimate.  Usually many times.  And arrange things with the 'customer' of the estimate to expect a re-estimate.  Make it easy to re-estimate.

  9. Re-estimate when you are smarter.  Devise things so that you get smarter

  11. Always discuss the variability of the estimate.  At least in some way, with the 'customer' of the estimate. ('I can promise 2015, but I can't tell you which month.'  A small joke, illustrating the range method.)

  13. People can learn to estimate better, and faster.  Sometimes they start out terrible.

  15. It is not the plan, but the planning.  We (the Team) get so many wonderful outcomes while we are planning.

  17. Estimating can be fun, if you do it right. (But expect many teams to start with latent fear due to #1.)

Interested in your comments.

Bonus points if you notice a reference to John Legend.

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