Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scaling Workshop

I am really excited about the Scaling Workshop Dave Muldoon and I just led in Montreal.

Dave had mentioned this before, but it struck me how each person’s problems are different. And, even if they are somewhat similar, they need to be prioritized differently.

We had some discussion of  And of LeSS (Large Scale Scrum).  But mainly we did a workshop.  We took specific problems in implementing Scrum across the broader organization, and worked through the problems. They were hard problems.  We did not have any magical answers.  But I felt confident and happy that the people who had those problems now felt better able to tackle them in the context of lean-agile-scrum.

We used SmartSheets and diagrammed. Current Situation. Future situation.  And this was useful.  But mainly useful as a way to clarify and organize a good conversation. To organize the learning.

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