Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting the right people in the Team - Richard Branson

For useful innovation, truly good and fast innovation, we think a Team is essential.  They must do knowledge creation in a Team. As Takeuchi and Nonaka have explained pretty darn well.

A real team, not a group of individuals.

As a friend just reminded me, probably the most important thing in getting a Team started is to bring a good Team together. Get the right people.  Frankly, with a great team, you probably could use almost any process, and succeed (although I have a strong bias and experience that suggests that Scrum is the better 'process framework' for them -- if they will do it decently).

And each Team is different.

Here is a post by Richard Branson in LinkedIn that I thought was really good.  He talks about focusing on 'personality'.  Well, at least do not put too much emphasis on the skill sets (aka knowledge domains currently mastered).

And he talks about introverts.

Full disclosure: I am rated an extrovert by Myers-Briggs. Not sure I believe it. I feel a lot like an introvert these days.  In any case, I love introverts (people more introverted than I)... and I learn more about other kinds of people each day.  Every type has something to offer. Fascinating.

Some of you may actually know an introvert or two. ;-)

Anyway, Branson gives some good advice about how to judge introverts. And how to work with people more generally.  For example, your Team may need a 'maverick.'

Enjoy the post.

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