Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6 Myths of Product Development

I was going through the articles I have, and this one struck me.  A HBR article by Stefan Thomke and Donald Reinertson.  Reinertson is known well in the lean-agile community.  And it is an excellent article.  Go here to buy it for $6.  Well worth it.
Here are the myths or fallacies:
1. High utilization of resources will improve performance.
By ‘resources’ they mean mainly people. Speed of delivery is much more important.
2. Processing work in large batches improves the economics of the development process.
Hence, small stories in small sprints. And get fast feedback from business stakeholders.
3. Our development plan is great; we just need to stick to it.
For many reasons, during the course of ‘development’, the needed features will change. Hence, the plan must also change.
4. The sooner the project is started, the sooner it will be finished.
Reduce WIP.
5. The more features we put into a product, the more customers will like it.
Deciding what to omit is as important as deciding what to include.
6. We will be more successful if we get it right the first time.
Demanding that teams “get it right the first time” just biases them to focus on the least-risky solutions.
This article is good in helping managers see what lean-agile-scrum is all about.

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