Thursday, December 27, 2012

Summarizing Scrum (a list)

The more I think about Scrum, the more it becomes a Gestalt…a whole thing.  And it becomes somewhat misleading to talk about its parts.

One must do all of Scrum.  It you only take part of the medicine…well, you will not get the real benefit.

Still, we must talk about Scrum one word at a time. And, for reference and other purposes, we can simplify this into a lost.  A list as a basis for discussion.  One hopes these discussions lead to a better life for you, your Team and your customers.

Scrum was ‘co-created’ by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.  Their definition of it, the core definition anyway, is in the Scrum Guide.

I have produced several versions of a two-page list of things that define Scrum. The link goes to my latest version (V5).

This list is based mainly in the Scrum Guide, and also discussions with Jeff Sutherland and much reading and experiences.

The first thing to note is how simple the basic framework of Scrum is.

Secondly, you will note my bias, which is that the ideas behind Scrum are at least as important as the explicit Roles, Meetings and Artifacts of Scrum.

The items in brackets [ ] are things that are not in the Scrum Guide. I believe all of  them are ‘supported’ by Jeff Sutherland if not others.  So I do not feel I am adding unfairly to Scrum. But they are not all required to be doing ‘the bare framework of Scrum’.

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