Tuesday, May 8, 2012

John Kotter Explains the 8 Steps to Create Successful Change

Here is a slide show and voice over by John Kotter (our big expert on change) talking about how to get organizations to change.  Watch and listen here.  About 7 minutes.

Of course, your organization is smarter about change than John Kotter, so your colleagues do not need to see this.  (smile...I might have been sarcastic.)

In fact, my premise is that no organization is professional about introducing 'different' changes within the organization.  (Example: I don't know Apple well.  I am impressed by how much their products have changed things. But I am far less confident about how well Apple itself has changed internally. Still, maybe they are the exception that proves my point. As a small example so far, they seemed to have adapted well to the new leader. Oh yeah, Tim Cook is his name.)

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