Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun & Success - Learn Scrum - Durham and Montreal

Fun & Success? In the same sentence?

"You are doing Scrum right if and only if you are having fun. Serious fun."

"You are doing Scrum right if and only if you are having clear success."

How can these both be true? Pushing through success is so stressful. Fun is light-hearted, like laughter.

Well, this is one of the paradoxes of Agile that we explore in the Certified ScrumMaster course. It is only a 2-day course; it is doubtful one could be a true "master" of anything in 2 days. But we do promise you will learn a lot (more than you can possibly take on-board) in 2 days. (Ok, 3 days if you include the Team Start-up workshop.)

Oh, about the Dilbert cartoon. Seriously, we recommend that you have at least some training before starting Agile. The whole team, in fact, is what we recommend (sounds self-serving, I know, but that is the best recommendation). On the fun side, we love to hate Dilbert managers as much as the next guy, but some of them managers actually drink beer and eat pizza like normal people. Who knew they could actually help remove impediments? And lead us toward a more fun life with more success.

For almost everyone, Scrum is a serious paradigm shift. Get ready. (Koan: If you think you have made the shift, you haven't.)

And get ready to have some fun. (Yes, even the course is mostly fun, with, for example, a bunch of exercises and a PG-rated Richard Pryor joke. We leave no stone unturned to help you flip those bits in your wetware. Wetware is the hardest thing to refactor.)

For Durham (Jun 30 - Jul 2), see here and here.

For Montreal (July 8-9), see here.

We have other courses on the same site.

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Joe Little said...

Andy Hunt wrote a great book titled "Refactoring Your Wetware". Not the first use of the term "wetware", but a great book and a great guy (IMHO).

Regards, Joe