Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Only solutions deliverers

As I was saying earlier, in all my clients there is this divide between Business and Technology. "I'm a business guy, not a technology guy." "Oh, I work in IT; go ask the business folks that."

This is an unhelpful distinction.

The customer does not want business or technology or even a product. The customer just wants a solution to his problem. Now.

So we all are just solutions deliverers.

And it becomes clearer each day that our job is to work together in teams, to create the knowledge needed for the next solution. To create the metaphor of what the problem really is; to envision how it might feel to have it solved. To brainstorm, to see the whole problem, to imagine how alternate solutions might fit, to transcend the constraints, and finally yet quickly to deliver what the customer really needs to solve his problem, not what he said he wanted.

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