Thursday, March 31, 2016

Scrum 201 Course: Agile-Scrum to the next level

I have a Scrum 201 course coming up in Atlanta. This is important, needed and useful. Why? Why Scrum 201? Lots of people have tried Scrum and everyone gets some reasonable benefit. But, you may not have gotten nearly the benefits possible. So, the purpose of this course is to enable you to get much greater benefits. For yourself, for your Team, and for your customers. Key Benefits:
  • Better results (you, the Team, the customers)
  • More fun (a key value)
  • More knowledge in a difficult set of domains.
  • The course plus the workshop is 3 days provides 22 SEUs toward the CSP and 22 PDUs.
  • More ancillary material (we give you this after the course).
The attendees: I recommend that you bring a whole team or teams. And some of the people around the team. Invite ScrumMasters, Coaches, POs, Managers, ... really everyone. Format: More participatory than most courses. Discussions, exercises, etc. Content: Some core content and some choices among a long list of things to consider. Core Content: The core aspects of Scrum, the basic values and principles. Scrum-Butt. A discussion about why we are not doing the core things more and better. Prioritized Content:
  • The underlying principles. Why Scrum works, and all the reasons why each practice is useful.
  • How to build a great team (real, dedicated, stable)
  • Removing impediments more aggressively
  • Improving the Product Owner
  • Business Value Engineering
  • The ready, ready criteria
  • The definition of done
  • Better release planning
  • The agile contract (fixed-price fixed-scope issues)
  • Improving the engineering practices
  • Advocating for the Agile Transformation
  • Making change happen (large and small)
  • Changing organizational culture
  • Scaling
  • Distributed Agile
  • Too many projects at once
  • How to manage in Agile
  • Managers and Metrics
  • Minimizing WIP
  • Knowledge workers and motivation
  • Smaller stories
And similar items. The list is long. Again, the aim here is to help you and your team get results at the next level. If you are interested, find a Scrum 201 course here.  

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