Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Fasters

Jeff Sutherland has recommended this recent article: “Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster.”
What’s the deal?
Well, many of us are seeing ‘scrum’ that is not … not achieving the results we would like to see.  I say it this way: we want everyone to achieve very significantly better results.  Jeff Sutherland talks of it as hyper-productivity.  We want a better life for you, for your Team, and for your customers.
And, ‘scrum’ as people are doing it is not getting us there often enough.  Are they really doing Scrum?  Well, I think often not, and we do think if they did real Scrum, that alone would make a significant difference.  In addition to that, Jeff Sutherland is recommending these 9 additional patterns.  This makes sense to me.
Please try them!
Here’s to much better Scrum.

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