Friday, June 20, 2014

Impediment List: Toronto

We just completed a CSM course in Toronto.
Here are the impediments they identified, although some are phrased in a positive way (but implying the lack of the positive).
This list, as with others here, supports the idea of a public impediment list.  Of course, the real issue is 'fixing impediments regularly and aggressively."  But we find that that starts with a good prioritized list of impediments.  And we attack them one impediment at a time.
Here's their list (not in order):
  1. Small teams (<5 7.="" a="" amp="" and="" are="" better="" closer="" first="" for="" i="" is="" li="" notion="" person="" right="" scrum="" size="" small="" team="" teams="" that="" the="" them="" think="" this="" timelines="" to="" too="" will="" with="" work="">
  2. Making time to meet
  3. Changing requirements
  4. Task breakdown (poor)
  5. Being in the office at the same time (not)
  6. Compressed timeline
  7. Admitting we need agile or a Proj Mgmt solution
  8. Tight timelines
  9. Technical challenges
  10. Lack of people with diverse and required skills
  11. Waterfall/Agile hybrid
  12. Lack of people for given schedule
  13. Delays (outside the team that mean the team will 'fail')
  14. Lack of flexibility
  15. Poor communication
  16. Too much planning, not enough execution
  17. Old fashioned tech
  18. Lack of people
  19. Over budget
  20. Lack of proper planning
  21. Lack of approach
  22. Lack customer feedback
  23. Incorrect requirements delivered
  24. Lack feedback
  25. Lack of detail in scope or requirements
  26. Lack skills
  27. Too ambitious feature list
  28. High level design
  29. Lack of collaboration between teams
  30. Poor scheduling
  31. Too complex
  32. Inadequate testing
  33. Lack of leadership

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