Thursday, April 3, 2014

Halifax: Public Impediment List

As some of you know, I am a strong proponent of aggressively attacking the impediments. And I think it starts with a good public impediment list.

So, as examples, here are the impediments identified by the class in Halifax.
  1. Team is working on too many things
  2. No prioritized backlog
  3. Uninvolved PO
  4. Keeping everyone in the loop (not)
  5. Complexity
  6. Lack of management attentiveness
  7. Acting on retrospective improvements
  8. PO not involved
  9. Lack of understanding
  10. Silo workers
  11. Lack of impediment list
  12. Lack of retrospective
  13. Increasing Tech Debt
  14. Not having vision from PO
  15. Managing people instead of work
  16. Lack of team spirit
  17. Managing interference
  18. Unmotivated
  19. Bottom down planning
  20. Too much useless chatter (from Mgmt, I think)
  21. Lack of early feedback
  22. No ending [to] project
  23. Not following process
  24. Conflicts (too much)
  25. Keeping Top 20 impediments
  26. Distributed team
  27. Lack of process
  28. Lack of management
  29. Communication
  30. Too many cooks
  31. Product knowledge gap
  32. Scope creep
  33. Not defining DOD
  34. Lack Buy-in
  35. Lack of process for Development Tasks
  36. Technology group (IT) support infrastructure
  37. Testing Time
  38. Bug fixing time
  39. Not having all Scrum activities
  40. Management available
  41. Lack of communication
  42. Poor planning
  43. No estimates (no velocity)

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