Friday, February 28, 2014

Impediments - Raleigh-Durham Feb 2014

I really want to advocate again that we must make the impediments visible in a public impediment list.  And never stop aggressively attacking them.  If you prefer to call it 'our list of things to improve on', I won't arrest you.

Here's the list the group made in this class.  They are not on order, they are not framed the same way, there will probably be some redundancies. These are in random order.
  1. Team commitment to Scrum
  2. Singular voice from PO
  3. Team commitment to project
  4. Unqualified Team members
  5. Quality agile process training (Gee, I hope they were not talking about me? (smile))
  6. (lack of) collocation
  7. Finalizing sprint work / goals
  8. Communication / collaboration
  9. Definition of Done / of Ready
  10. Replacing communication with documents
  11. Non-value process for process' sake
  12. Unclear requirements
  13. Unrealistic or undefined scope
  14. Clear definition of done (lack of)
  15. Misunderstood requirements
  16. Well defined sprint - days
  17. Lack of team commitment
  18. No vision or backlog of work
  19. Unrealistic expectations
  20. No support of team
  21. Clear goal each sprint (lack of)
  22. No unified team or stakeholders
  23. (No) realistic expectations
  24. Lack of senior leadership commitment
  25. Actual list of impediments
  26. Overall goal / delivery
  27. Scope creep
  28. No idea of what 'done' means
  29. Self goals over project / team goals
  30. Poor leadership
  31. Resource constraints
  32. No single voice (I think it was of requirements to team, eg, PO was not really there)
  33. Expanded teams skills (need training)
  34. No shared vision

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