Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Impediments - From the Charlotte Class in Sept.

Here are some impediments identified in an exercise by the Charlotte CSM Class in September.

Some duplicates (or very close to), some overlaps.

May this list make your Team more creative about identifying impediments. May it lead to your Team fixing the highest priority impediment first.  Which might be: making a public impediment list.  And then working on the top item each day.

The List:
  • Personal Agenda
  • Hierarchical approach
  • Understand tasks (tasks not understood, I think)
  • Structure (too much)
  • Micro Mgmt
  • Pressure & Stress (too much)
  • Over-communication
  • Mtgs (too many)
  • Priorities all-over (...the place)
  • Undefined requirements
  • Complexity
  • Synergy issues (dysfunctional team)
  • Skill sets (Engineers & DBAs)
  • Focus
  • Resource Constraint
  • Customer Sat.
  • People and Resource Availability
  • Lack of stakeholder buy-in
  • Waterfall
  • Too many priorities
  • No business value
  • Multi-tasking
  • Lack of Mgmt Support
  • Lack of communication
  • Conflicting Priorities
  • Out of Scope
  • Limited Resources & People
  • Lack of Resources & People
  • Over-budget
  • Mgmt Disagreement
  • Unclear Requirements
  • Lack of Requirements (in some areas)
  • Inaccurate requirements
  • Ego
  • Leadership
  • Lack of Buy-in (by Team)
  • Lack of budget

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