Saturday, December 29, 2012

Please try all of Scrum.

Scrum is a bare framework. It is very simple.

Scrum is not trying to be a full methodology.

Lots of people are doing Scrum-Butt.  “We do Scrum, but…”  And then they say…

…we don’t have a product owner.
…we change the length of the sprint often
…we don’t have a Scrum Master
…we don’t do a _daily_ scrum

I strongly urge you to try all of Scrum.  No Scrum-Butt.

Because I think more success will result. For you, for your team, and for your customers.

A simple definition of the bare framework can be found in the Scrum Guide or in this list.

If, because of impediments, you are doing Scrum-Butt now, this is ok.  Let me just ask two things. Try to fix the impediments.  And tell yourselves and tell others….”well, we are trying to do all of the bare framework of Scrum, but so far we are doing Scrum-Butt…”

Thanks. And I think that will help you and others.

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