Sunday, August 8, 2010

King of Anything!?

Sara Bareilles, whose music I have enjoyed a lot, has a new song: King of Anything.

I think you will like it.

You might well ask: Why is he talking about this song here?

And the answer: In work, we must recognize the importance of freedom, of self-organization. For their own sakes (these are human rights, after all). And because work actually gets done better if we recognize and operate on those principles.

Some of you will recognize that these are, in one way or another, key principles of Lean-Agile-Scrum also.

So, as we all make mistakes, watch out for when (not if) you treat others as though someone died, and left you king of something. The people that we do this to (we must forgive first, ourselves; we are only human)...they are usually too kind to sing us this song, or their version of this song.

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