Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Services We Provide

My boss (that would be me) tells me I must make some money in order to afford to spend time on this blog. So forgive a short post with advertising.

We provide Lean-Agile coaching. See here. Or contact us (contact info is at that site). From one day to 400 days. This is what we do; we're good at it. We do many varieties of coaching.

We also provide Lean-Agile training. In fact, we just opened a new site, We have been doing training for years, but this site is new. Not as pretty as we would like, but that will be improved iteratively. And more content to add to it.

Within training, we provide both public courses (see that site) and in-house courses (contact us). The public courses are being updated all the time (we have some scheduled that are not showing yet).

You may wish to subscribe to our training course newsletter (monthly)...see on the right-hand bar (Can we help you?) or see the mailing list page at The newsletter also includes 3 or 4 new ideas each month, which we hope you find useful even if the courses are not interesting at the moment.

...well, maybe not as good as a Super Bowl ad.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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