Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reading List for CSM Course Nov 5-6

The following are some suggested readings for people in this course. Others may enjoy also.

Again, as always, I recommend that you learn as fast as you can. And that you mix learning with action. To know and not to do is not to know. Thus, your real knowledge becomes known in how well you can act. Then you see your...opportunities for improvement, and are ready to learn some more, and then to act again. So, read what you will learn from and what you need to learn now. These needs will differ for each person.

For some of these books and more, see http://www.kittyhawkconsulting.com/id15.html In this case, I have made the entries graphical, which some may enjoy. Click on an entry, and you will go to Amazon.com, where you can read more about the book.

And three articles:
The New New Product Development Game by Taeuchi and Nonaka. Where the Scrum name came from.

The Knowledge-Creating Company by Nonaka. This article is a very short version of their book of the same name.

The Concept of Ba by Nonaka and Konno. In Scrum, the team room is the "Ba" (the place or context in which knowledge is created). So, this will help you understand what kinds of things should be going on in the Team Room or other Ba's.

See also this earlier post titled Prioritized Reading List.

Scrum and Agile are simple. At the same time, all the different reasons you follow these Scrum practices are many. And people are...involved. So, there is always more to learn.

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