Monday, October 22, 2007

Leadership: Getting us there

A few thoughts after reading this:

We always need leadership to help us through the many hard patches, and on to ultimate success.

It is hard to say what is the main thing that leads to success, and one supposes that the most essential element varies by situation. Some important elements are...
* passion for the vision
* perseverance
* courage
* helping others overcome their roadblocks
* assuring that most of the team is winning and that few things lead to tradeoffs where one person is hurt

We also mention the creation of Ba (Japanese), which represents that context or place in which new knowledge is created. Only by creating knowledge can the seeming constraints be transcended, and success becomes possible.

Many people possess one or more of these skills. It is not having the skill or skills, it is bringing it all to fruition so that the Team reaches the goal.

Still, there remains that element of magic, where somehow some make it up the river and others do not. Here's to those magic ones, who make it up the river more often than not.

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