Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Agile is not like golf

We have to be careful with similes (or metaphors).

If you have played golf, you know that any fool can hit the golf ball a few yards with any of the clubs. It is getting that tiny ball in that tinier cup that's the problem. It is scoring near par that is hard. And mastery comes after lots and lots of practice. After only a few rounds and a few lessons, one can well appreciate the skill of the pros, and how much work it must have taken to get there.

But golf is an individual sport. Agile is a team sport. So, for that reason Agile is more like baseball or basketball or football or soccer. Or rugby (from whence Scrum takes its name). And there's probably a useful comparison to doubles tennis.

How much does one need to believe in the team or in teams to play Agile well? A question for another day.

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